Синий Экзорцист

Синий Экзорцист (фильм)

青の祓魔師(エクソシスト) クロの家出
Ao no Exorcist Movie
Дата выхода 28 декабря 2012
Номер фильма 1
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Синий Экзорцист (фильм) is based on the manga and anime series Ao no Exorcist, by Kazue Katō. The movie was announced to be green-lit on September 30th, 2011. The official release was confirmed to be December 28, 2012 in Japan.

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A carnival held once every eleven years is coming. Inside the boisterous True Cross Academy, emotion is running high. Exorcist are creating barriers seriously to prevent demons from attacking. Meanwhile, Rin is exterminating the out of control Phantom Train when he meets a demon in form of a young boy on the way of the mission.

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As far as we know there are two new characters introduced, Usamaro and Cheng-Long Liu.

  • Usamaro
The young demon Rin meets in the Phantom Train subjugation mission. He seems to be sealed in a shrine for an unknown reason. He is looked after by Rin during the festival. He is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in Japanese and Cassandra Lee in English.
  • Cheng-Long Liu
An Upper First Class exorcist from the Taiwan branch. Comes to Japan to help True Cross Academy change a new barrier. He is from an elite family and has high exorcism skills. He is voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English.

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Currently, the Ao no Exorcist movie has been released in Japan and now is avaliable to other countries through several methods. Lately, Anime Expo 2013 has showcased the Ao no Exorcist movie with Subtitles through Aniplex. In August 2013, several theaters in certain areas will show the Ao no Exorcist movie with Subtitles (This may be incorrect, as the website listed has a completely dubbed trailer, so it may be an English dubbed version of the movie) just as the Anime Expo has. Several theater listings and promotional items have been anounced to be given to anyone who buys a ticket and attends the movie premire. Otherwise, there are at the moment "poorly subbed" videos of the movie according to many people at a couple of anime streaming websites. A Blue-Ray DVD has also been released in Japan of the movie and also comes with promotional items. Recently, a new subbed version of the Ao no Exorcist Movie was published on Youtube only to be reached with this link to my knowledge.

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